With no options left you decide to play the stranger's twisted game. If you win, you will have more money than you can imagine, but if you lose...only death awaits you.

Due to the difficulty of the game, I've updated it to now have two different difficulties called Normal and Challenge. Challenge difficulty is the original difficulty of the game when it was released. Normal difficulty has shortened the game and made item finds more favorable for the player.

Best played in Full Screen with Headphones.

Instructions can be found by clicking the "help" button on the middle-right side of the screen over the Backpack.

16:9 aspect ratio so the web version may be cut off on macs with 16:10 aspect ratio

Thanks for playing!

Created By:
Brian Pickens @BrianPickens53
Blake Pickens @BlakePickens
Micah Sparks @MdawgSparkboss

Install instructions

Unzip the file and find the windows executable inside.


21 Rooms - Windows2.0.zip 44 MB


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Amazing game!! Well done! I got the cheater ending... :P

February 2nd, 2018

"I really liked this game. Might do a second part".

130 days later

Well, better late than never.

I really liked this game. Might do a second part.


Pretty cool.

Hey i think your game is a masterpiece and the story of it is pretty cool :D